One method of promoting bat roosting habitat or assisting with bat eviction is to build a bat-house. These small wooden houses provide a safe place for bats to roost, have cover from the elements, and have grooves or netting that the bats can easily hold on to. They are most successful when they are combined with bats being excluded from an area. For example, if bats inhabited your attic, and then the attic is sealed so they can no longer use it, bats would be more likely to use a bat-house that was installed nearby.

The Kootenay Community Bat Project currently has a "Building Homes for Bats" program. Funded by the Public Conservaton Assistance Fund, the program allows us to reimburse the costs of your bat-house materials, including wood, screen, screws, caulking and posts. Participants build and install at least two bat-houses to help us learn more about the best designs and placements for the Kootenays, and agree to monitor their bat-houses in 2014. To find out more about the Building Homes for Bats Program download form here: Building Homes for Bats Program form.

Bat houses can support hundreds of bats. At one site in Perry’s Siding, two “maternity” (multi-chamber) bat-houses that were installed back to back had over 500 bats emerge one night!