Local bat research

There have been a number of bat research and inventory projects that have taken place in the Kootenays. Projects include general bat inventories, research on bat tree-roost sites in forests, research on winter bat activity, and identification of hibernacula sites for the Townsend’s big-eared bat. Much of this work has been done through the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program. To find out more, click here and type in keyword “bats”.

Dr. Cori Lausen is currently researching bat winter activity. You can find out more about her research here:

Graduate students have also carried out research in the area, primarily on the topic of bats and forest use. For more information on bats and forests, see “Bats and Forests” Symposium.

For more information on bat research, see the North American Symposium on Bat Research website.

To see a map of documented bat locations in the Columbia Basin, visit the Columbia River Basin Biodiversity Atlas.

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