The Kootenay Community Bat Project is coordinated by Leigh Anne Isaac. She has a PhD studying snakes and is involved in many wildlife projects. She has an interest in bats and has participated in many bat surveys including mist-netting and acoustic detection. She is based in Kimberley, BC.

The KCBP was founded by Juliet Craig and Mike Sarell. Dr. Cori Lausen is a bat expert in North America. She completd a PhD on winter bat activity and continues post-doctorate bat research. She provides expertise to the KCBP and up-to-date information. She is based in Kaslo but conducts bat research throughout the province and teaches bat acoustics courses throughout North America.

KCBP Biologists cropped1

Our team includes (from left to right): Mike Sarell, Cori Lausen, Leigh Anne Isaac and Juliet Craig